Alexandria: Everyday People


My friend Devin and I ventured to Le Prince, a local seafood restaurant in Alexandria, at the recommendation of the concierge at the Sheraton Montazah Hotel.  This restaurant is located in a restored Italianate villa in the historic Montazah Palace Gardens, which served as the summer palace of Khedive Abbas Hilmy and now the current president of Egypt.

Once seated, our waiter started our meal with an assortment of mezzes, including classic and spicy hummus, babaganosh, and roasted eggplant.  When in Rome, do what the Romans do, so we ordered a whole fresh sea bass.  The fish was grilled to perfection and served with a side of Egyptian rice, very similar to what we know as fried rice.

This was a great introduction to Egyptian cuisine and local Alexandrian culture.  However, we ventured across the street from the park to the local Chili’s for a quick drink.  This Chili’s failed to deliver, and by the look of it the locals agree because no one was in the restaurant.  We decided to wander into the local neighborhood after the previous misstep.  There, we witnessed everything from Ramadan feasts to a chicken, goose, and turkey coop that held upwards of 50 birds.  During our walk, a taxi ran into a man driving a motorcycle and the frantic pace endured.

After this adventure, we made it back to the Sheraton and made friends with a crew from the UK working at an oil rig off the shore of Alexandria at our hotel and shared some laughs and a drink with them.

  1. I forget you were there during Ramadan. Love getting these in my inbox. You are making my day – I am in post-production frustration phase with the Mexico series.

    PS: Many a trips to Chili’s in Mexico. Nothing says authentic Mexican cuisine like Chili’s 😉

  2. We loved it because it was someplace familiar in a very unfamiliar territory. It was just nice to know it was there even though it didn’t work out. You gotta love Chili’s regardless of the location though 🙂

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