Alexandria: We Tried…


Alexandria seems to be where Europe meets Africa.  The architecture has ties to the Greco-Roman empire and the previous imperialist ties with France and Italy.  It was somewhat disappointing though that the majority of the landmarks/ruins are no longer around.  However we did get the chance to visit Fort Qaitbey, the former location of the Alexandria Lighthouse, the Mosque of Abu Abbas al-Mursi, and the grounds of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (We did not get to go in because the library’s hours are from 10:00am-2:00pm!).  Don’t ask why either.  It just is.  We tried to get in through many entrances.  It didn’t work.

The Mediterranean Sea definitely has a strong presence on the city as it seems all locals flock to it at all hours of the day to swim, sun, fish, and play.  Along the Corniche, there were many cafes that served shisha and tea which are two local customs.  Families filled these cafes throughout the night to celebrate Ramadan.

This was a good first glimpse into metropolitan life in Egypt to see how people live, work, and come together in the urban areas of the country.

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