Luxor: Failure at the Temple of Hatshepsut


After sweating through the Valley of the Kings, our driver took us to Hatshepsut’s Temple which over looks the Nile and is carved into the side of a mountain.  After a brief altercation between Devin and the ticket seller, we made our way up to the temple.  This is one of the great tombs still left today for the most part intact.  The columns and statues throughout the entire complex are immense.  The climb to the top was worth it because the view of the Nile river valley is beautiful.  One can see where the lush, fertile plains merge into the arid desert.  That’s not a sight I see everyday in Brooklyn.

Another sight I don’t see everyday is cameras being taken from people.  Well, it happened to me by this local who wanted to stage a photo shoot for me.  Now I know that I previously said that we had devised a plan to avoid situations like these, but it all happened so fast.  The next thing I know he is saying stand here.  Hold this.  Sit on that.  Look there.  Then he took me behind the gates for a “special tour” of a painting of Hatshepsut.  He then asked me for 20 pounds.  I gave it to him.  Devin laughed again.

On the way to meet the driver, we had to pass through another tourist-centric souq.  While Devin is making a purchase, I am casually walking through the vendors on the way to the parking lot.  This man approaches me with three “alabaster” figurines of a pyramid, Nefertiti, and a “pussycat” as he put it.  He said “For you my friend, I will give you two for 100 pounds.”  I said that’s nice and kept it moving.  This one was dedicated though.  He needed a sale to meet his monthly quota and I was his target.  Our conversation became more heated the further away from his stall we were.  His price dropped to 20 pounds for all three figurines by the time we were leaving the souq.  He then positioned himself in front of me and reached out his left hand to my shoulder .  This is when it went downhill.  He said he had one more thing to say.  I told him that he already used up his last comment.  He then said that I was pissing him off.  I went to the dark side and had to let him know somethings before he talked to me like that again.  He walked away.

We promptly went back to the Hilton for the remainder of the day.


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