Giza Plateau: Really?!?


We ended our vacation at the Giza Plateau.  This is where the famous Giza pyramids are located in addition to the Sphinx.  The grounds are amazing as it is in the middle of the city; however, it is out of the Nile valley as it is surrounded by sand.

After arguing with the taxi driver about the price of the drive, we walked up to the pyramids and that’s when the last straw broke.  Two men approached Devin and myself and placed turbans on our heads as a “Ramadan gift.”  I thanked him, but returned it.  I did not want it or to be bothered with any schemes.  Devin got snatched up though and was led behind a building to the side of the pyramids and was told to hand over some cash.  He saw other people doling out hundreds of pounds and dollars.  All the while, I was approached by two other men with the same scheme.  I crossed over to the dark side again.  Even after I told these two I did not want their gifts and did not intend to pay, they still insisted that I take it and then asked for money.  What did they not understand?  We both were over it!  We took pictures of the pyramids and the sphinx and returned to the hotel.

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  1. Sorry, but I just had to laugh. This exact thing happened to me. When i refused to pay a kid yelled “you are a bad woman” to me.

    I hope you enjoyed the Egypt experience. Trust me, it gets much easier from here.

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