Luxor: Hell to the NO!


While walking to Sofra (see review), Devin and I were approached by a man riding his bicycle while carrying a plastic bag.  I thought it was another man trying to get baksheesh from us, so I thought nothing more of it.  I walked in pace while listening to him talk with Devin, but my ears perked up when the man’s voice started getting more excited.  He said “You no take picture with my cobra here in my plastic bag?”  The man was carrying a COBRA in his bag while riding his bike!  Now, those of you who know me know of my strong aversion to any kind of snake.  So naturally, I stopped in the middle of the street with cars whizzing past me and put my hands up as if I was about to be arrested.  My body froze.  I did not care about being hit by bikes, cars, or buses because that man had a COBRA!  Devin laughed some more.  I did not.

Who carries around a COBRA?!?

  1. Ok, that is possibly the best travel story ever. I’ve seen people carrying around live chickens in plastic bags.

    PS major aversion to snakes as well. had to take anti-anxiety pills to deal with it in Borneo.

  2. I warned you that the snake energy was going to finished with you…:)

  3. What I meant to say was…the snake energy is not finished with you, NOT that it is going to FINISH you. xo

  4. Shannon: You know I thought of you after I calmed down from this incident. At least I didn’t kill this one…

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