I’ve Been to the Mountaintop


In preparation of this historic climb, Devin and I were quoting the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous mountaintop speech because we knew that we were going to get there, but possibly not with each other.

We left for Mt. Sinai at 12:30am for the hour and a half drive to St. Katherine’s Protectorate.  After many security checkpoints and one too many passport checks, we arrived around 2:00am.  Our taxi driver matched us with a Bedouin guide who led us up the mountain for 150 pounds, which the taxi driver received a cut of: shady!

We had two options for climbing to the top:  The camel trail or the 3,750 steps.  Luckily, we took the camel trail to the summit.  It took me around three hours to arrive at the peak in time for the picturesque sunrise.  Along the climb up, I dodged the many camels who were either sleeping or carrying people to the top, camel poop, and the nuns making a pilgrimage to the summit.  On my MP3 player in my head, Mary Mary’s “Can’t Give Up Now.” was on repeat and it surely helped me up there.  Thanks, ladies!

Words cannot describe the entire experience of climbing and watching the sunrise over this holy land.  It provided me with a fresh perspective to life.

On the way down, we took the more challenging route of the “Steps of Repentance.”  I fully understand the name now mind, body, and spirit.  That was no joke!

Enjoy the video clips of our trek!

Sidenote:  Along the climb up the mountain, Devin and I smelled a lot of what US citizens know as an illegal substance being burned and smoked.  What is really going on on this mountain?

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  1. Incredible. Can’t wait to hear your about your journey in person. And with pictures!!

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