Transportation: Egyptian National Railways

We boarded our train for Luxor at Ramses Station in Cairo after returning from Alexandria.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no Penn Station.  It’s not even Jamaica Station.  This train station comes fully equipped with sand blowing through the open terminal and travelers walking down and across active tracks.  I stood in awe at all of what was going on around me because I just couldn’t believe it.

We boarded our air-conditioned car (there are un-air-conditioned options if you can believe that!) and shared it with three other passengers from around the world.  We met a woman traveling alone (this is not recommended in Egypt) from South Korea.  I named her “Eat, Pray, Love” because she just quit her job this past January to travel around the world for a year to decide what her next life move will be.  Nice.  We also met a man who attended some of the World Cup games in South Africa earlier in the summer.  He drove to Egypt from South Africa with a tour group and camped every night.  Nice in theory, but that is one trip not for me.  I need plumbing.

After the 12 hour ride, we arrived in Luxor somewhat ready to deal with the hounding taxi drivers and definitely ready to see the sights.

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  1. T said:

    So better than our lovely Utica stop w/ the poop? lol. This is a great read roomie. I like how you mix educational facts and hilarious lil jokes. Mad @ “eat pray love”….must be nice.

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