Transportation: Egyptian Taxis

The transportation in Egypt has been reliable so far, but it has also been quite interesting.  The act of purchasing a train ticket is a fine art.  The act of bargaining with a taxi driver is even more delicate.  Ultimately, taxi drivers want your business so, for the most part, they will come down in price.  At the point of agreeing on a price and stepping into the car, your life lies in the balance.  Drivers follow only one rule:  THERE ARE NO RULES!  A three-lane road becomes a five-lane speedway with cars, taxis, motorcycles, donkey carts, and tour buses.  No one stays in his or her lane.  No one uses his or her turn signal.  People attempting to cross the street are used as moving targets.

I have said many prayers before getting in the taxi, while riding, and after exiting.  Devin and I have also had multiple drivers motion with their hands for us to calm down and to provide assurance of a safe ride.  I will let you be the judge with this video clip.  [Clip coming soon!]

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