The New Frontier…

As I boarded “Jack” the rabbit at KCI to head home to Brooklyn, I already knew that Frontier Airlines would be providing an eventful flight. One hour delay. Kids hanging out of the luggage bins. Stewards that were comedians. Two hours later as we were still on the runway at KCI our pilot informed us that we would be heading back to the gate because the plane shut down due to the heat. More jokes were thrown. More kids popped out of the bins. A one hour delay became four hours. Two thoughts came to mind: The infamous Jet Blue 2011 weekend and my flight to Egypt from Paris. In both events, it did not turn out well. So I started to worry about my fate with “Jack”. Will I make it to LaGuardia? Will I be stuck in KC for an extra day? As I wandered the gate at KCI to get some fresh air, my parents kept letting me know that they would come get me. This news was not reassuring. Neither was my seat mate dressed in pink and black stripes from head to toe with matching Nikes who went in between prayers and choice four letter words for “Jack”. It was a lot to handle within a short period of time. As they ushered us back onto the flight, the new pilot informed us that we now had a ten minute window to take off before NYC air traffic control would stop us. It looked like a madhouse scene from one of Oprah’s Favorite Things episode in the cabin. Kids hopping back into bins. No more jokes. Immediate take off.

They attempted to placate us with free Direct TV and chocolate chip cookies that tasted like they were made with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Four hours late, “Jack” landed in New York. No compensation.

My advice, FLY DELTA! (and that says a lot)

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