“Everything Is Just So British”

My good friend Elana finally made it to the UK after a 24 delay caused by none other than the fine folks at Jet Blue. Upon her arrival, I hit the ground running while she rested. My first stop was the British Museum which houses artifacts from across the world in an attempt to tell the story of the world.

The British Museum

As I toured around the exhibits, the combination of excitement, lack of air circulation, and itis setting in, I had to nap briefly on a bench. Naturally, I napped in the Ancient Egypt exhibit-I can’t get away! Once I woke up, I hightailed it to the Greek Parthenon exhibit which is surrounded in controversy now as the Greek government is requesting these artifacts back stating the museum previously stole them after the collapse of the structure. The board of the museum is not hearing of that and even printed free brochures explaining that it it is the right and duty of the museum to hold the pieces and to have them to put into context of the museum’s mission of showcasing the history of the world. It is always interesting to think about how museums acquire pieces for their collections.

The Greek Parthenon Hall

Parthenon Relics

The museum had a great African exhibit, the only exhibit located in the basement, showing textiles and sculptures from all over the continent.

Carvings from Benin

After leaving the museum, I took a leisurely walk to St. Paul’s cathedral to meet Elana so that we could climb the 500+ stairs to look out over the city. After the trek to the peak of Mt. Sinai last summer, this was a piece of cake and the view was stunning.

Exterior of St. Paul’s

The Tower Bridge

Westward view of London

After descending the steps at the cathedral, we crossed the Thames via the Millennium Bridge to stop in the Tate Modern. On our walk, I declared that “Everything is just so British here!”. Elana looked at me like “are you for real right now?”. But outside of the double-decker buses and the design of the taxi cabs, the British humor abounds!

My downfall…

When I encountered this gentleman, I lost complete control. I laughed my signature Shelby laugh all the way across the bridge only to encounter a man flying what he deemed the world’s smallest kite. It was all too much for me to handle. Luckily soon after our visit to the Tate Modern, it was Pimms O’clock.

Elana and Takhani with our first pitcher of Pimms


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