Notting Hill

Today, we ventured to Notting Hill, the very neighborhood portrayed in the 90s Hugh Grant movie. This diverse neighborhood is home to a sizable Caribbean community which hosts a large festival at the end of August. This neighborhood is also home to an open air market that sells everything from trendy sneakers to hard to find records to Begian Waffles. While the knick-knacks and souvenir selection is not great, the fresh produce and mom and pop clothing, bookstores, and record shops are terrific. Rough Trade record shop was one highlight of my visit to the neighborhood with it’s great selection of music ranging from UK soul to punk. This is my kind of neighborhood.

Portobello Road in Notting Hill

Waffle topped with Strawberries, Whipped Cream, and White Chocolate from Wafflemeister

I think as a global citizen it is very important to immerse yourself in the neighborhoods of the locals to experience the day to day life of the citizens in that community. There is much to look at as well with the beautiful row houses and interspersed parks lining the blocks throughout the neighborhood. Notting Hill is a great place to lose yourself for an afternoon.

Notting Hill

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