One Week…One Day

A lot can happen in one week. This time last week, the world was learning of Amy Winehouse’s untimely death as fans and media descended upon Camden in London to celebrate her life. One week later Elana, Khani, Fabien, and I visited this thriving community. As I walked down the main street, it reminded me of South Street in Philadelphia, PA with the quirky shops, tattoo parlors, and bars/pubs all with creative signage hanging over the storefronts.

Street view of Camden

We then hit the mother of all markets, Camden Market. The number of stalls selling everything from home furnishings to cuisines from around the world to clothing with Lady Gaga’s face plastered on them (I don’t quite understand why) ran for days along the canal. The canal provided a nice distraction from the hectic market so we made our way to an “island” and chilled out for a bit.

Khani, Fabien, and Elana on the canal

Obligatory “beach” shot

We soon made our way to East London Bangladeshi neighborhood of Brick Lane to hang out at Club 1001 and eat at one of the numerous restaurants lining the street. Club 1001 is like no other nightspot I have ever been to. There is a mini-market up front with a bar and a small cafe that serves breakfast. The level overlooking the entry, is filled with couches and booths for patrons to relax while a DJ spins records. As if this is not enough, there is a back room with another DJ, bar, and lasers. Naturally, this is where Elana and I found ourself getting our drinks. Thanks to the bartender in the back that continued to hook up our caipirhinas!

Aaron and Elana at Club 1001 on Brick Lane

A lot can happen in one day too. Waking up in Southwest London, seeing the heart of London in Camden, and ending the day on Brick Lane in the heart of the Bangladeshi community was a fun and efficient way to experience different parts of the world without leaving town. Here’s to living life to the fullest everyday!

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