Taste of Cambridge: Clare College

This is definitely not dorm food! While staying on campus at Clare College, which makes up part of Cambridge University, I expected to experience all of the finest dorm life has to offer. Shared bathrooms. Twin-sized beds. Cafeterias. I am wrong, at least with the food. My seminar group was welcomed with a champagne reception on the lawn of the home of Master of the college, which overlooks the River Cam that runs along the edge of campus. As we mingled, I could not help but feel that we were tucked away on an English manor in the countryside wit the well manicured lawn and vibrant flowers neatly placed along the edge leading to the canal. As our host and his staff called us to dinner, I thought we were now in for Cambridge’s finest mystery meat. What I experienced was a three course meal (candlelight included) that consisted of risotto of beetroot topped with shavings of parmesan and baby red chard, followed by roasted guinea fowl, cabbage potatoes, cumin buttered spinach and roasted squash, which lead us to tiramisu served with a side of poached pear and honeycomb ice cream. Dorm food, I think not. We also sipped on the college’s own Cabernet Sauvignon, which they produce. What college produces, bottles, and labels their own wine? I now know of one for sure. I am definitely looking forward to dinner tomorrow!

Risotto of Beetroot

Roasted Guinea Fowl


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