Countdown 2011: Number Five-Potatoes

2011 has been a year of discovery on a lot of fronts. This year has taken me from Brooklyn to Kansas City, MO to visit family, to deep in the heart of Texas to support Dr. Brown at her dissertation defense, to England for a seminar on race in the US, to Istanbul for cultural exploration with a good friend, to Paris for some “me time,” and to MIA for even more “me time!” Traveling to all of these locales has afforded me with many memorable moments. So join me as I countdown my top five travel memories of 2011!

Number Five: Potatoes

This ode to potatoes is dedicated to my friends Elana and Candra.

2011 was my year for potatoes. I don’t think I have ever eaten so many potatoes, or carbs for that matter, than I did while in London and Cambridge. And the potatoes were not all prepared in the same manner. Some were mashed. Some were cut and fried. Some were broiled. Some were cut in square blocks. Some were in a natural state. I can continue, but would like to avoid becoming the Bubba Gump of potatoes.

After my week and a half in this great country, I became accustomed to having this starch at every meal (and sometimes in between too). So you, can imagine my surprise as I hit Istanbul next. Oh wait! I had potatoes there too. In a cream sauce. With peas. My wish for 2012 is to share the many ways I have learned to prepare this tasty tuberous plant with my family and friends.

I can confidently say that Europe has it’s potato game on lock, and rightfully so with the history of this starch feeding people. Enjoy the many potatoes I encountered this year.

Mashed from The Chelsea Potter in Chelsea

Fried (and hiding) from Union Market in Fulham

Square from Clare College at Cambridge University

Broiled from Clare College at Cambridge University

Wedged and fried in Istanbul


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