Countdown 2011: Number Two-Air France/Delta

2011 has been a year of discovery on a lot of fronts. This year has taken me from Brooklyn to Kansas City, MO to visit family, to deep in the heart of Texas to support Dr. Brown at her dissertation defense, to England for a seminar on race in the US, to Istanbul for cultural exploration with a good friend, to Paris for some “me time,” and to MIA for even more “me time!” Traveling to all of these locales has afforded me with many memorable moments. So join me as I countdown my top five travel memories of 2011!

Number Two: Air France/Delta

Je t’aime, Air France. You know how to treat a man. From the champagne aperitif, French meals, wine and cognac, personal entertainment consoles, great customer service, and on-time arrivals, I can’t ask for more. These comforts surely make the act of traveling easier and more enjoyable.

20111230-090159.jpg Air France’s A380 at CDG. Complete comfort and luxury.

20111230-090734.jpg Lunch en route to Paris from Istanbul

Delta also gets a nod here being that they are code-share partners with Air France and because of their rapid expansion at JFK and LGA. I recently flew first class with Delta domestically and the service was impeccable. Pre-flight cocktails, snacks, meal, on-time arrival, you get the drift.

I want to leave you with this image I recently shot that I think is a great visual to wrap up this year.

20111230-091351.jpg Sunset en route to Kansas City aboard Delta

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