Taste of Brooklyn: Atlantic Chip Shop

My friend Elana and I relived our summer earlier this week by visiting the Chip Shop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. We both laughed because we knew we were about to enter fried everything heaven. Take a look at this clip of the Chip Shop’s chef visiting the Wendy Williams show to discuss the restaurant.

Hungry now? I thought so. We both opted for variations of macaroni and cheese while there since we couldn’t shake the fried wig image out of minds. I sampled the Meaty Mac which added beef, onions, and tomatoes to your standard mac and cheese. I am a macaroni and cheese connoisseur and the Chip Shop version had the perfect balance of cheese, meat, and flavor to make a pretty good meal.

20120127-084207.jpgThe Meaty Mac at the Chip Shop

Now, we had to try the fried Twinkie for dessert. I have never had one before and, while it was exactly what I expected, it tasted more like a funnel cake than an original Twinkie. I began to have flash backs to the Texas State Fair and my clogged arteries.

20120127-084606.jpgThe almighty fried Twinkie

I will be back to try the fish and chips but I will make sure to steer clear of any wigs on the menu!

  1. Mom said:

    Did you eat your peas with the mac & cheese??? 🙂

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