Taste of DC: Queen Vic

I am becoming quite the English Breakfast connoisseur since my time in England. The Queen Vic pub in DC provided a nice attempt at a proper breakfast. Multiple variations on the standards were included on the plate: fried eggs, sausage, a baby pork chop, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast.

The “Full Monty” at the Queen Vic located in Washington, DC

While the variation in terms of substituting the cut of ham for a pork chop like cut was a nice thought, there was something a little off with the entire flavor of the meal. It all tasted a little smoky, especially the beans which some how tasted charred.

My friends, however, seemed to enjoy their meal called “The Cure.”. This plate was loaded with chips, fried eggs, sausage, and topped with gravy. They also have frequented this restaurant before and speak highly of their pate plate.

The Cure at the Queen Vic located in Washington, DC

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant was festive as it seems to be settling into the gentrified H Street corridor. Many patrons were there to watch soccer matches while enjoying themselves at the bar. If you are looking for a touch of British pub fare, this is it, but steer clear of the “Full Monty.”

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