Akwaaba, Ghana!

Akwaaba, or welcome, to my first post from Ghana! I am currently in Accra and am liking what I’ve seen so far (the airport, my hotel and Accra Mall). However, as usual with my travels, something always makes it interesting: example-the woman that passed out on my flight to Egypt and subsequently delayed us fir five hours. Well, this time I delayed myself. My flight was due to depart from JFK at 6:59pm Saturday evening. Guess who didn’t start packing until 3:00pm. That’s right. It was a HAM of a situation. I got to the airport at 6:00pm on the dot, checked in without waiting and encountered a check-in agent that could not figure out how to change the roll of paper to print the bag tags. Womp womp. I made it to my gate and realized I lost my boarding pass for my flight to DC. Triple womp. Thankfully, it was no sweat to have the gate agent print another pass. I finally got to DC and began to relax until I boarded the non-stop flight to Accra. My good friend Shannon warned me about United’s less than stellar international on-board services. I’m going to leave it like this: the meal options were chicken, pasta, or vegetables. The manner in which they were prepared is not important I guess. With that said, I slept for the majority of the ten hour flight and was immediately welcomed to Ghana with a smile from everyone I encountered. The hotel, complete with air-conditioning and flat screens tvs, is a welcome respite in this bustling city that I am looking forward to exploring over the next two weeks. I will be getting an overview of the country from one of the hosts tomorrow in addition to attending meetings at the US Embassy, so I have to get some rest!

View of Accra from my hotel room. Goodnight, Ghana!

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  1. Following every step of your travels in and around Ghana. Cannot wait to catch up when you are back. Perhaps we can do a quick video for ProjectExplorer.org on your experience!


    “I made it to my gate and realized I lost my hoarding pass for my flight to DC.”
    How do I hook up a “hoarding pass” on my next United flight.

    • I would love to shoot a quick video when I get back! Let’s talk. And I can hook you up with hoarding passes! Auto-correct is something else coupled with jet lag! Thanks for catching that đŸ™‚

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