Taste of Accra: Highgate Hotel-Take Two!

Day two and I’m not sure what to expect. Low and behold, the Highgate Hotel serves a traditional English Breakfast. Thank you! After taking on the morning, we were treated to a buffet lunch of chicken liver salad, shrimp scampi, cow meat, and pasta. #winning. For dinner, I dined sufficiently on chicken in palava sauce served with boiled plantains (and chips!). This was another spicy, yet flavorful dish that hit all of the right notes. In the poignant words of Ice Cube, “Today was a GOOD day!”

Chicken in Palava Sauce at the Highgate Hotel

On another note, I will have my official verdict in the Club vs. Star beer battle soon that Maya Angelou writes about in All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes later this week.

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