My Traveling Feet…

My traveling feet made it to Cape Coast today. The town felt alive as I was walking through it’s streets. People selling everything from meals to football jerseys and appliances to weaves. It is interesting that the town is not outwardly dwelling on it’s past of being a hub for the enslaved before the devastating and deathly voyage to the Americas. It does honor its’ history and heritage though.

Cape Coast Castle. Cape Coast, Ghana

My traveling feet will make it to the future of the country and world tomorrow. After meeting with my host teacher this evening, I am more energized than ever to observe other school programs and begin to think about band conceptualize this concept of global education. Hearing about him, his work, and the excitement he has for it really grounded my own personal thoughts of teaching in the US.

Ghanian President Mills and US President Obama

My traveling feet are looking for change…

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