What I’m Into: Maya Angelou’s All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes

What I’m Into posts highlight gadgets, food, videos, trends, movies, music, and books from around the world that I currently enjoy.

I love Maya Angelou. So when it was recommended by a mentor of mine to read this book in preparation for my travels through Ghana, I did not hesitate. Angelou so eloquently discusses in this book her life living in Africa, specifically Ghana. She discusses her day to day existence in terms of her career at that time, but she also interweaves Ghanaian culture into her story.

Angelou writes about coming to Africa to find something she isn’t quite sure of and by the end of the story she she has found a lot, including her strength to become independent from her son, Guy, and, subsequently, Africa. Her journey helped me to contextualize my own experiences as I traveled through the country.

All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes. Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Although I have been here for less than two weeks, I have grown a deeper connection and interest in learning more about other countries on the mother continent and, of course, visiting.

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