Taste of Accra: Tribes Bar and Restaurant

We ended our stay in Ghana with a final group meal at the Tribes Bar and Restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the Afia Hotel in Accra. This was another outstanding meal and possibly the best groundnut soup I have tasted. As the food came out, the group ooo’d and ahhh’d over the meals we all ordered partly because we knew this was the last time for traditional Ghanaian food before we boarded our flight and because we knew that we would soon be back to the “leafy green stuff,” as our Ghanaian hosts put it, soon enough.

Tribes Bar and Restaurant at the Afia Hotel. Accra, Ghana

The groundnut soup had the perfect blend of spices and heat. There is nothing else to say other than it was delicious. The consistency was quality too-not too thin, yet it wasn’t stew-like.

The groundnut soup at Tribes Bar and Restaurant. Accra, Ghana

The “Tribes Special Rice” or Jollof rice was decent. It wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked, but it did enjoy the carrots and green beans thrown into the usual mix.

Tribes Special Rice at Tribes Bar and Restaurant. Accra, Ghana

Lastly, the Kelewele was everything I hoped for. It was not over done and it had the maximum spiciness without it being out of control.

Kelewele at Tribes Bar and Restaurant. Accra, Ghana

The Tribes Bar and Restaurant is a relaxing getaway from the busy streets of Accra that also serves up a great meal.

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