The Importance of Critical Thought

As I am continuing to think about the purpose of an education and how knowledge can be transferred, I ran across this disturbing video, Afrikaner Blood, that highlights the “teachings”/brainwashing of one white South African to a few of that nation’s youth in hopes of promoting “manhood” and the system of apartheid. As I watched and listened to the transition of the thoughts and words the boys spoke, I couldn’t help but to also think about the parallels between the situation of Trayvon Martin in our own country and the “education” received at this hate-filled “training camp.”

Educating our youth in the classroom is as equally important as educating them at home. Parents must teach their children how to think critically and independently and to have them reinforce that skill in a more formal educational setting, such as school. However, this teaching can only go so far if the parents have not developed these skills, as it appears in the instance of these boys when speaking about their families. I am realizing that it truly does take a village…


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