Embarking on Another Incredible Journey

Here I go…again! I was recently awarded with a fellowship sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities to travel to South Africa for five weeks this summer. Well, I have landed and am ready for this experience. Twenty-five educators from across the US, myself included, will be traveling across the country to take in various lectures, cultural activities, safaris, and historical experiences for the duration.

We will be in Cape Town through the end of this weekend before heading East and are scheduled for a few lectures, wine tours, and visiting the top of Table Mountain. My driver from the airport also mentioned upcoming football matches that the Premiere League will be playing, so I hope to take one in before departing.

I have made many observations in my limited scope of Cape Town so far based on race and class. As much work as the US has to do in these areas to truly become equal, it is even more pronounced here in my limited view so far. With that said, I know much has been done within the past 18 years since the dismantling of the system of apartheid from my studies.

I am looking forward to the learning, both professional and personal, that I will experience from this tour.

To find out more about this wonderful opportunity sponsored by NEH, please visit http://www.uamont.edu/social_and_behavioral/nehsouthafrica/Introduction.htm

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