What I’m Into: Traditional Turkish Baths

What better way to cap off my day in Istanbul than with a bath. After coming to the terms that I still had yet another 10 hour flight ahead of me and the funk of the day reminding me of the previous 24 hours, I knew that taking part in this age old tradition would be a treat and a no-brainer.

I made my way across town to Cemberlitas Hamami, built in 1584AD, for a traditional steam and bath. Upon entering I was whisked off upstairs to a private changing room. They provided the pestamal, or cotton wrap and sandals so I was set. As I made my way back downstairs I couldn’t help but to notice the intricate woodwork in the atrium the changing rooms surrounded. I next found myself in the main bathing room stretched out on the central stone to sweat everything away. I laid on the warm stone reflecting upon the experiences of the day and drifting into a nap for what seemed to be an eternity. However, I was abruptly knocked out of my zone by my masseur. At this time, the masseur scrubbed down and the washed my body. Afterwards, I was rinsed with warm water and instructed to lay back on the warm stone for a few more minutes to complete the process.

I walked out of the hamam feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for my next flight to Cape Town.

Cemberlitas Hamami in Istabul located at Vezirhan Cadesi No. 8

  1. Barb B. said:

    I meant to ask, how is it that you flew to Istanbul and then Cape Town? We’re flying from Dulles to Jo’berg…

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