Natural South Africa

The natural environment of South Africa is widely varied. Within a week, I have gone from the ocean to the mountains seeing a lot in between. From reading Leonard Thompson’s A History of South Africa and seeing the terrain, I have begun to understand, purely from a non-dominating and colonizing point of view, why people find this land desirable. The land is arable and the climate is well suited for producing wines, among other crops, which happened well before the Dutch set up shop here. However, seeing these lands in person really brings Thompson’s words to life. Seeing the farm lands teeming with ostriches, springboks, monkeys, lambs, sheep, and a few elephants has provided new perspectives for farm animals for me as well.

South African Countryside

A Dassie at Tsitsikamma National Park

Primate at Tsitsikamma National Park

Outside of the farm lands, the costal regions are varied too. The shorelines have been sandy, rocky, or mountainous. Each shore has provided different uses for the locals as well.

Arniston Cave

Docks in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tsitsikamma National Park

As I continue to travel northward in the country, I am looking for even more terrains to explore!


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