Taste of Port Elizabeth: Wimpy’s and Nandos

I know what you’re probably thinking, fast food in a foreign country? Really? Yes! I stopped by Wimpy’s yesterday for a quick bite to eat. What I discovered at the restaurant was akin to a Denny’s in the states, minus the “Grandslams” and racism. I ordered the cheeseburger with avo, short for avocado, and a side of chips, otherwise known as fries. It was decent.

Wimpy Burger

The kept pushing their “Special Sauce” burger, but no one could tell me what it tasted like or what was in it other than “good”. I don’t know how you put “good” in a sauce but alright.

Later in the day, I ate at Nandos, at the request of many friends back in the states. It was delicious and reasonably priced. Freshly grilled chicken in a hot peri-peri sauce was enough for me to end my day on a high and spicy note. As I ate, the restaurant and its offerings reminded e more and more of Boston Market, with its options to buy whole chickens and vast options of sides.

Grilled Chicken with hot Peri-Peri sauce and chips

Nandos, I will see you in the near future! Thanks for the tip, Tahira!

  1. Nandos was good – you should be able to find their sauces in NY, because Whole Foods here carries them. What level of chicken did you get?

  2. Also, which Denny’s did you go to, because it sounds like you need to fine a new one.

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