Taste of Durban: Kai Thai

My first night in Durban, I had an unexpected dining experience at Kai Thai, located in the Suncoast Casino & Entertainment complex. The waitron handed me a 25 page menu full of food and I narrowed my selection to the fried pork (Nikki – you got me hooked!) thanks to the recommendation of the server. The pork was not oily or dried out, so I was pleased. However, I would have liked the dish even more if it had been a little spicier.

Fried Pork at Kai Thai in Durban

Now to the main event; the highlight of the evening was the complimentary massages provided by the restaurant while waiting for our meals. A few of us at the table indulged in a much needed, yet awkward massage at the table with the rest of us staring. As I heard every moan, groan, and crack, I knew this was going to be a one of a kind dining experience. Other than in Durban, I don’t know where they do this!

If you’re ever in Durban, try to stop by for the food, but definitely for the massage!

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  1. Wow, massage at the dinner table? Crazy but what a story. That plate of food looks really yummy. 🙂

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