Taste of Johannesburg: Sophiatown

My first night in Johannesburg, the group decided to check out Melville, the neighborhood we are staying in. We hit up Sophiatown, a restaurant specializing in local cuisine while telling the story of an integrated neighborhood in the city before the Group Areas Act was put into place.

The restaurant had a great menu of ostrich, springbok, and kudu steaks, but I opted for the works as a starter with chicken curry serving as my main.

Worms with a spicy red sauce at Sophiatown. Johannesburg, South Africa

Chicken Curry and Pap at Sophiatown. Johannesburg, South Africa

I’ve never had worms before, but after screening a Project Explorer clip on South African foods to my students for the past four years, I had to try it for myself. The worms were crunchy, chewy, and earthy as my friend Danielle and I put it. It was a good growing experience, but I don’t think I will be cooking them anytime soon. The curry on the other hand was great! The spicing was just right to let the chicken absorb the flavors.

The food was flavorful, the Mary J. soundtrack was excellent, and the conversation with our waitron was superb. Hands down, it was an awesome experience!

  1. You even had mopani worms!
    (PS i even have a Sophiatown “Sheeban Queen” shirt from there and it is where our 2008 wrap party was.)

  2. This chicken curry looks delicious! I’m craving a good curry these days – not easy to find being based in Korea.

  3. Curry sounds good; I’m not so sure I would have gone for the worms! 😉

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